Service Concept and Approach

For some time the life cycle of property has taken centre stage in the consideration and valuation undertaken by investors, financial institutions and developers. This change of perspective – away from the simple consideration of investment costs – arises from the recognition that the development costs of property can amount to a multiple of the initial investment. Creating durable value from property can only be achieved if this facet is duly considered in the course of decision-making.

The constituents of our investor and user advisory service cover the complete life cycle of property and are guided by the requirements put to us by the clients. Owing to this the following detailed service elements should only be viewed as a guideline. In actual practice the advisory service is tailored to individual requirements.

Included in our services are, for instance, feasibility studies for revitalization projects or new developments,
project definition and implementation, controlling/monitoring for investors and banks and for users – planning requirements and production.

Feasibility Studies

Specification and Implementation

The target of a feasibility study is to establish an objective, systematically constructed and professionally based footing for decision-making. Irrespective of whether it is a commercially acceptable development concept for an existing plot of land or whether a project idea is to be realised on an optimal plot of land that has still to be found, as a general rule the following points form an integral part of our feasibility studies:

  • Commercial survey/location analysis and prospects (macro, intermediate and micro location) taking into account hard and soft factors in the course of the rental value analysis
  • Market research and analysis (prospective demand/clients and the competition)
  • Development of product and usage concept including functions, space and fittings programmes
  • Preliminary planning, more specifically creative realisation of the objectives of the functions and space programme
  • Investment and break-even analysis on the basis of a well-defined costing
  • Risk analysis

SWOT-matrix analysis

The survey findings are summarised in a decision model and provide the basis for the client to decide whether to proceed with or exit the project.


Controlling / Monitoring for Investors and Banks

Specification and Implementation

The implementation of a building project triggers a sizeable information, control and assurance requirement on the part of the capital provider, in terms of compliance with the project budget, quality of workmanship and time frame. On account of the varied set objectives, this function cannot be performed by project management, which is under instruction from the client.

Milestone trend analysis

The purpose of the controlling/monitoring service is to act as an accompanying control function for the project, in respect of the defined project specifications (timetable, costs, quality). Established deviations will be set out in reports including trend analysis, which will be compiled weekly, monthly or quarterly, according to requirement. In addition the client receives details of recommended action, which facilitate any necessary management intervention.

The structure of reporting is tailored to the needs of our clients. In this way, for instance, reports can be made available - with the assistance of our 3D reporting tools - in a secure place on the internet, as well as via the more conventional hard copy.

Site Inspection Reporting System (SIRS)

With “Site Inspection Reporting System (SIRS)” our clients receive a three-dimensional progress report. In this way documents depicting separate building phases and structural components, such as reports, protocols and photographs, can be visually accessed. During and after the completion of construction work the user has – in addition to a complete set of documentation - the option to continue to use the 3D model of the building, for instance as a marketing tool.

Requirement Planning / Production Planning

Specification and Implementation

During requirement planning the requirements of the subsequent users in qualitative and quantitative form
are specified. At this juncture the user can be simultaneously the investor, leaseholder or simply notional. In the case of the latter, which is usually the exception, the requirements will need to be derived on the basis of market surveys.

Using requirement planning, well-defined target guidelines are set. These accompany the project through all phases and are particularly taken into account by the architects and specialized consultants during construction work. The defined specifications can also be used as a list of criteria during the screening of competition.

We support you in the development of new floor space layouts in the office area and by the development of
production planning. Both will be determined in a definitive manner by the business and production processes, which we comprehensively analyse and present on the basis of requirement planning.

Production layout/workflow