Contract Management

Specification and Implementation

For projects of all types different contracts will be structured, negotiated, concluded and fulfilled. On the one side, we deal with the management of contractual relationships, on the other with the contracts and their management. Contract management is based on the following service modules and can be individually supplemented:

Within the framework of the commencement of contract negotiations the essential information for the contract will be structured, analysed and appraised, taking into account the suitable choice of business operating mode. We specify the necessary services and participate in the selection of your potential contractual partner.

Contract drafting covers the configuration of the contractual relationship. We prepare the service specification and service descriptions and harmonise the respective interfaces. In terms of risk distribution, the contractrelevant factors will be analysed and appraised. Subsequently we specify the technical/commercial contractual requirements on your behalf.

Contract negotiation should lead to the conclusion of a contract with a potential partner. We compare the intentions and representations of interests and support
you in the contract negotiation process.

During contract implementation, we monitor the fulfilment of the contract from the technical, timetabling, manning or financial perspective and implement the
necessary measures as regards your contractual partner to maintain their obligations. In this way we accomplish on your behalf targeted compliance with the agreements and obligations determined in the contract.

In detail we render the following services:

  • Analyse and structure service content and coverage
  • Check perfomances comply with the contract
  • Agree professional fees, remuneration respectively
  • Monitor claims and invoices
  • Analyse, fix and monitor timetables and time limits
  • Activate countermeasures in the event of contract non-compliance
  • Document the main sequences of contract fulfilment
  • Contract administration and archiving