Deadline management 2.0: KVL and Sablono are developing a new interactive tool

In this moment the KVL is working closely together with the Berlin Startup Sablono to develop "Onsite", a mobile tool for progress monitoring and evaluation directly on the construction site. The requirements of the project management are represented in a close way to the monitoring progress in that new type of tool.

It is the pilot project of the Studentendorf Adlershofin which the KVL is working in the accompaniment of completion with all stakeholders (architect, TGA controller, the developers and users) in this system to examine the scheduled progress of the work, to identify required actions and to document and eliminate defects at an early stage of the Project.

The following video is given a short overview about Sablono and is shown by the example of the construction of the Studentendorf Adlershof how to work with the tool.

Detailed explanation: With Sablono Onsite the progress of a construction site will be daily updated and highly detailed documented. For this purpose all upcoming services can be recorded by a mobile device directly on the construction site and supplemented by photos further comments such as defects or disabilities. Via traffic light principle the user specifies which service has already begun, completed or is still outstanding. QR-Codes can be placed in the rooms for a better orientation. By scanning the code with a tablet, the user knows immediately which tasks are to be valued at the relevant point.
Immediately after the actual recording of the data, they are available in the Onsite web portal. The status of the construction site can be evaluated, visualized and analyzed in real time. Reports on the construction progress can be automatically created and easily supplemented with the recorded comments and photos.

More information here at SAP.