Project Management

Service Concept and Approach

Property projects are characterised by their singularity, complexity and interdisciplinary nature. The handling of property projects invariably takes place against the background of set targets regarding scheduling, financial, human resource and legal limits. Project management is responsible for the realisation of these set targets.

Tracking project targets – timetables, costs and quality – through project management is based on an integrated approach to planning, realisation and use. It is only through the consideration of the life cycle of property, that the property can be operated in a lasting and profitable manner.

In many countries property projects are, for property management purposes, controlled by contractors. In
view of the range of services and the concrete service specification, diverse approaches exist. Our target is to implement your project successfully. To this end, we harmonise our service concept with you on an individual basis. We are also happy to use the recommendations of the Deutschen Verbandes der Projektmanager in der Bau- und Immobilienwirtschaft (DVP - German Association of Project Managers in the Construction and Property Industry).


The question of what quality actually comprises when it comes to project projects can be answered in one simple sentence: “Quality is what the customer says it is”. The client has specific property requirements with regard to location, design and function, which need to be met.

Starting out from a solid requirements plan, we can help you to present your requirements in an unambiguous manner to, for instance, the planners and operating contractors. We deploy up-to-date practices, such as Quality-Function-Deployment, which was developed for automotive engineering. We verify the implementation of defined quality standards in further project phases.


Short implementation phases, which are the aim of most clients, can only be achieved if the planning, shell and finishes run parallel over extensive building sequences. This demands solid scheduling right from the beginning of the project. Appropriate to the project requirements and project status, we manage your project by means of bar charts, network plans or line charts. In doing so, we apply the most up-to-date methods and software products. At pre-defined intervals and as a supplement according to requirement, we report to you on the current status of your project in the form of progress reports and identify necessary management action where appropriate. An integral part of our reporting system is
the milestone trend analysis, which provides you with concise information about the project status.

Interrelationship of project phases according to DVP,
HOAI (Honorordnung für Architekten und Ingenieure - German Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers)
and from the clients’ perspective

Organisation / Coordination

The primary task is the coordination of the entire project. Hand-in-hand with this, is the systematic and targeted coordination of the interrelated constituents – namely the objectives, procedures, assignments and activities associated with the project. The aim is to secure the success of the project within an acceptable commercial framework.

We advise you, among other things, during the specification of the project structure and the respective awarding of contracts. For instance, we advise whether to assign services to individual trades or whether it is advantageous to award the contracts to a general contractor or a full construction project design service group. At this point we determine the appropriate service specification.

Through the use of project and organisation manuals, we ensure rational operation and decision sequences. We are happy to use and administrate web-based project workspaces, which in our view present a particularly effective means of handling projects successfully.


Besides the scheduled completion and compliance with the design and function objectives, the effective success of a construction project depends above all on the investment costs and the eventual usage costs. Cost management should already be built-in at the first phase of planning decisions, since a major part of subsequent costs is determined by planning decisions taken in the early phases of the project.

KVL deploys, for instance, the up-to-date practice of target costing management in order to facilitate planning decisions. Naturally we also use the traditional DIN 276 procedure.

During the planning phase and also during construction we apply an attestation procedure, which facilitates the recognition of cost deviation at an early stage and enables the introduction of targeted controlling measures.

Additional Services

Alongside the traditional operating fields (scheduling, costs, quality), we offer services – tailored to your project – in the following areas:

  • Amendment management
  • Risk management
  • Resources management
  • Process management

Project Controlling

In addition to the principal, who is represented by the KVL project management team, other parties involved in the project - for instance banks or eventual users - have vested interests for information and monitoring requirements regarding the given project targets and process.

To assure your project targets are achieved, we conduct independent inspections starting in the planning stage and continuing through the execution phases of your project. The results are summarized and presented to you in clearly laid out reports containing mile-stone reviews and recommendations which should be taken to meet contractual project objectives.