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Progress, Perspectives, Locations

Regardless in which language and in which country, we welcome you to KVL Group at our national and international locations.

In the 10 years since the formation of our company, our office has become an internationally recognised company for project management, property consultancy, contract and claim management with over 90 employees in 12 locations. Despite this development, we continue to place great importance on the fact that all our projects are supervised by one of the directors in our owner-operated company. With this brochure we would like to invite you on a journey and show you the distances traveled, the achievements made and even more so our current and future plans – truly bright prospects!

Let us surprise you with exciting projects, figures and interesting facts about locations and cultures. We and our scope of services have developed in accordance to the needs of our clients and international market requirements. In recent years we have also strongly improved our software tools that help us in our day to day practice. Our knowledge and expertise have increased over the years and we continue to learn something new every day, creating added value for our projects. Finally, we would like to introduce our mission statement. “We are open towards other cultures” and “we take responsibility for people and environment” are just two of our principles, which were developed within our team.

Enjoy reading!

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