Alt Moabit 73/73a

Revitalisation of a apartment and business house in Alt Moabit

Foto: KVL

On the lot Alt Moabit 73/73a a typical Berlin apartment house with front-facing house, wing and summer house, built in about 1900 and a factory building with about 3,750 m² gross floor area are located. The apartment house becomes reconstructed substantially. With this, the media lines, the windows, the façade, stairways and the empty flats will be modernized to suit the market need. In the factory about 25 % of the area is rented. The vacant areas are becoming merchandised at the moment and improved according to the requirements of the tenant.

COPRO GmbH assumes the Project Management. The building planners are von Bothmer Architects (LPH 1-7) and Roy Architects (LPH 8-9).

KVL assumes the Project Management for the construction project and coordinates and organists the planning and construction process including costs monitoring and reporting. The construction works began on July 2007 and are likely to be finished on March 2008.

Project location: 
Berlin, Germany
KvB GmbH & Co. Alt Moabit 73/73a KG represented by KvB Verwaltungs GmbH
von Bothmer Architekten / Roy Architekten
Construction period: 

07/2007 - 03/2008

Construction costs: 
about 2 Mio. EUR
Offered Services: 
Project Management AHO 1-4
Responsible company: