Cadolto Module-Hospitals

Buildup of a licensed production for space modules

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The company Cadolto is market leader concerning modular construction type of hospitals, clinics and laboratories. Due to the expansion of the company in the Eastern-European region, the top management decided to build up a licensed production in St. Petersburg in cooperation with a Russian partner.

Based on their expertises in the russian-speaking region, KVL has been involved as consultant, to supervise the build up of a licensed production.

The following services have been performed:

  • Analyses of the market and location
  • Analyses of the economic viability
  • Draft of the production layout
  • Cost estimation
  • Logistic for depot and delivery

The licensed production started successfully, from what our client developed vantages on market.

Project location: 
St. Petersburg / Cherepovez, Russia
CADOLTO Fertiggebäude GmbH & Co. KG
Construction period: 

06/2007 - 10/2007

Offered Services: 
Consulting / Buildup of a licensed production for space modules
Responsible company: