EGRIMA offices Ratingen

New office building


The Ernst and Berta Foundation Grimmke represented by the Community Land Ratingen Balcke-Dürr-Allee GbR is building a five-story office building, with two-story parking garage. The building is designed in the context of sustainability, with the claim of one of the most environmentally friendly buildings to be Ratingen. For building high-quality office space and a staff restaurant are provided.

The KVL is responsible for all Pro-jektsteuerungsleistungen to AHO, ie Lph 3-9 for the new building in Ratingen and project management for the tenants' expansion of the already identified the building as well as the user interface communication between two clients. The interdisciplinary tasks of the KVL include the assessment of submitted design documents, assisting in the procurement and the evaluation and documentation of results.

Project location: 
Ratingen, Germany
EGRIMA Konzern
Construction period: 

6/2009 - 12/2010

Construction costs: 
29,6 Mio. EUR
Offered Services: 
Project Management
Responsible company: