World Trade Center Almaty

Masterplan Fairground including office, hotel- and retail complex

The city Almaty is situated on the northern Silk Road and ever since it has been an important trade and economic metropolis in Central Asia. Last but not least the new wealth of the Republic of Kazakhstan has turned this city into a booming metropolis during the last 10 years. In order to meet this fact, a new multifunctional area with the meaningful name World Trade Center has been projected on the Atakent Bank since 2008. The central element of this project is the new building of an exhibition hall (80,000 m² GFA)
In addition to that the following complexes can be found on an area of about 54 hectare:

  • two Hotel complexes (1 four-star Hotel , 1 Apartment-hotel)
  • two 36-storey office towers with all together 120,000 m² GFA
  • further office complexes with all together 565,000 m² GFA
  • several integrated shopping areas (75.000 m²)

A very important specification regarding the phase of project development was the provision of a functional and efficient concept for the traffic development as well as the provision of sufficient parking area (in most cases sub terrestrial). In order to design the concept with its different utility areas even more attractive, several park-like open space areas were integrated.

Besides the classic tasks of the project management as cost controlling, scheduling and reporting, KVL also assumes the examination and valuation of single construction procedures, which have to be analyzed regarding their technique and efficiency with modern methods.

Project location: 
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Messe Atakent, Almaty, Kasachstan
Construction period: 

06/2008 - 06/2011

Construction costs: 
Offered Services: 
Consulting on creation of the masterplan, Project Management, Cost Controlling, Scheduling, Quality Management